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Wedding Planning Advice

Where to start

You're engaged - what next? If you've recently got engaged you probably don't yet know the kind of wedding you want to plan. I'm guessing though, you want a wedding day that’s unique to the both of you – a special day with family and friends, a day that embraces…

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Bubbly Being Poured

Don’t Overspend On Bubbly

Once it’s popped it’s paid for Everyone knows it's traditional to toast the happy couple with a glass of bubbly but realistically not all your guests will drink it. Once the cork is popped however you'll be paying for the bottle whether it’s consumed or not so here's how to…

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Dottie Photography, Styled Shoot

Choosing Your Style

Choosing a venue means finding a space that works for your guest numbers and your budget but creating your perfect backdrop will be much easier (and in most cases less arduous on your budget) if you pick a venue that already works hand in hand with the style of wedding…

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Budget Advice

#BWMadvice No.3 - Your Guest Budget When you’re at the very beginning of your wedding planning journey you need to agree between you the list of people you want at your wedding. Calculating the number of people is one way to start working out your budget and the amount you’ll…

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Real Wedding, Prestwold Hall, Bride, Dottie Photography, Bouquet


In the immediate excitement of your engagement make sure you don’t get carried along to make any quick decisions about your wedding - especially with regards to your bridesmaids. Rushing in to ask your BFFs before you’ve even decided on the very basics of your wedding could prove a costly…

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Wedding Dress Shop Melton Mowbray

When to buy your dress?

You just got engaged? Congratulations! The venue’s now been booked a whole 18 months in advance and you feel oh so organised – the dress is the last thing on your mind. Some brides will even put off browsing for dresses as they believe it’s too far in advance; let me tell you a little secret…You can never start looking too early. (Unless of course you are not engaged, then that might be a little strange).

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