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Choosing Your Style

Choosing a venue means finding a space that works for your guest numbers and your budget but creating your perfect backdrop will be much easier (and in most cases less arduous on your budget) if you pick a venue that already works hand in hand with the style of wedding you’re after.

What do we mean?
Well our rule of thumb is don’t fight the room. If you want a crisp, clean, contemporary style don’t choose a grand stately home. You’ll be fighting for position with the antiques. If on the other hand you’re looking for a classic country house atmosphere then a square soulless conference room off the motorway isn’t going to help you either!

Wherever possible choose a venue that at least meets you halfway.

1. Discuss the look and feel you both want for the day. Hopefully you’ll agree on this but if you do have different opinions you need to separately write down your Top 5 must haves then compare notes and compromise. Marriage is full of compromises so it’s good training for the future!

2. When you’ve got a Top 5 list that you both agree on you should have an idea of the style of wedding you’re both after.

3. Visit as many venues as you can. You’ll start to identify what you like and what you don’t like and be prepared to change your mind several times. You may find a venue inspires you to go in a totally different direction!

4. When you’ve narrowed down your search take a good look at the space. Identify the key features already in place and visualise how you can work with what’s already there.

5. Don’t choose clashing colours that fight the room. Use the focal points and make them work for you. Sympathetically work in your personal touches.

Choose a great florist and/or stylist with a style similar to your own and they will help you create the ambience you’re looking for.

You don’t have to go mad. Very often less is more. Be guided by your space and what’s already in situ.

Above all have fun with it!

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