The Interview: Suzanne Neville

Price range: £2,200 -£10,000+

Regions covered: UK AND OVERSEAS

0207 823 9107


I started the business with a Princes Trust grant. I began making wedding dresses for friends whilst studying at London College of Fashion, and it just grew from there; its what I’ve always wanted to do so I started the business because I love creating wedding dresses. It”s hard to believe its 25 years ago now. There is never enough hours in the day to get as much done as I would like, its always so busy! Creating patterns is my biggest passion and seeing brides on their big day.

Does the responsibility of your business ever scare you? It doesn’t scare me, but I am aware of the huge responsibility it holds. It’s a real honour to dress so many brides for the most important days of their lives.

How do you start your day? Coffee

What do you eat for breakfast? Granola

Are you a morning or night person? Morning – I’m often up at 5am, and find it hard to stay up past 10!!

What do you to unwind? I don’t really, I’m a bit of a workaholic, but I do have the odd glass of fizz.

Favourite meal? A beautifully cooked lemon sole is my fave..

Favourite colour? Black, its pretty much all I wear..

Favourite tipple? Champagne

Favourite mug? My Cath Kidson giant mug

Pet hate? Things not lined up straight. I’m a bit of a perfectionist

Dogs or cats? Cats, I have 4!

Who is your favourite Avenger? Is Iron Man an Avenger?.. if so him as I love Robert Downey Jr

Do you have a nickname and if so what is it? My business partner calls me Nevsie!

Favourite holiday destination? Italy, New York, anywhere I can enjoy a short break

Favourite animal? Cats

Favourite biscuit? A bourbon

Favourite shoes? My Valentino’s

Favourite author? I don’t have time to read!

Which is your favourite Quality Street? The green triangle

Coke or Pepsi? Diet coke – I’m a little obsessed

Do you like Marmite? I love it!

Can you cook and if so what’s your speciality? I can follow a recipe but I’m no Nigella

Most famous person you’ve ever met? I’ve met many celebrities, but the only time I felt starstruck was when I was on face-time with Kate Winslet during a fitting

Secret crush? Aiden Turner of course 😉

Choose 4 people you’d like to have dinner with? Valentino, Joanna Lumley, Graham Norton, and Prince Harry

Favourite room in the house and why? My bedroom because I love sleeping

What colour is your kitchen? It’s neutral

Favourite household appliance? My Nespresso machine

Are you a gardener? No but I have a wonderful Gardener!, I love it because she plants all sorts of beautiful flowers and its a lovely surprise when they flower

Can you keep a houseplant alive for more than a month? Nope that’s why I need a Gardener

What do you want for Christmas this year? Another diamond encrusted ring (I don’t ask for much 😉

What is your proudest moment? Having my children

What’s your favourite memory from your wedding? The vows, It was such a romantic moment. I had a winter wedding at Highclere Castle, otherwise known as Downton Abbey. The setting made the whole experience even more memorable

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing? I can’t imagine anything else but it would need to be fashion related

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? I would be taller

How would you like to be remembered? For making lots of people happy

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