#BWMadvice Choose Your Style

#BWMadvice Choose Your Style

#BWMadvice No.4 – Choose Your Style

Choosing a venue means finding a space that works for your guest numbers and your budget but creating your perfect backdrop will be much easier (and in most cases less arduous on your budget) if you pick a venue that already works hand in hand with the style of wedding you’re after.

What do we mean?
Well our rule of thumb is don’t fight the room. If you want a crisp, clean, contemporary style don’t choose a grand stately home. You’ll be fighting for position with the antiques. If on the other hand you’re looking for a classic country house atmosphere then a square soulless conference room off the motorway isn’t going to help you either!

Wherever possible choose a venue that at least meets you halfway.

1. Discuss the look and feel you both want for the day. Hopefully you’ll agree on this but if you do have different opinions you need to separately write down your Top 5 must haves then compare notes and compromise. Marriage is full of compromises so it’s good training for the future!

2. When you’ve got a Top 5 list that you both agree on you should have an idea of the style of wedding you’re both after.

3. Visit as many venues as you can. You’ll start to identify what you like and what you don’t like and be prepared to change your mind several times. You may find a venue inspires you to go in a totally different direction!

4. When you’ve narrowed down your search take a good look at the space. Identify the key features already in place and visualise how you can work with what’s already there.

5. Don’t choose clashing colours that fight the room. Use the focal points and make them work for you. Sympathetically work in your personal touches.

Choose a great florist and/or stylist with a style similar to your own and they will help you create the ambience you’re looking for.

You don’t have to go mad. Very often less is more. Be guided by your space and what’s already in situ.

Above all have fun with it!

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#BWMadvice Bridesmaids

#BWMadvice Bridesmaids

#BWMadvice No.2 – Bridesmaids

In the immediate excitement of your engagement make sure you don’t get carried along to make any quick decisions about your wedding – especially with regards to your bridesmaids. Rushing in to ask your BFFs before you’ve even decided on the very basics of your wedding could prove a costly mistake further down the line because what you decide now directly affects your precious budget later! Each one needs a dress, flowers, hair, make up and transport not to mention a thank you gift so don’t start inviting every bestie in your contacts list.

There’s no rush. Take a step back and let the reality of your engagement sink in before making decisions you can’t change later on! Your friends will be there for you whether they are bridesmaids or not.

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Insurance – do we need it?

Insurance – Do We Need It?

Speak to an expert and get the full picture

Quite simply whether you choose to buy insurance is a personal decision but one you really should discuss to weigh up what’s right for you. Take into consideration how much you will be spending and all the ‘what ifs and maybe’s that could occur on the lead up to the big day. No-one wants to face the fact that something could go wrong but being covered should put your mind at rest and allow you a few less sleepless nights. Make sure you read the small print and check the policy is right for your specific wedding. 

High value items

If your new sparkler is worth more than your ‘single item’ value on your home insurance – get that dazzler insured separately. Just call your insurer and ask to add your ring as a separate item on your insurance. Take a photo of it and keep the receipt safely.

Are your suppliers insured?

You’d be amazed how many wedding business do not have insurance. Many think they don’t need it but if they’re worth their salt they should really have taken out at least a decent Public Liability insurance. Transport businesses, venues, marquees, food companies and certain other categories often require additional insurance and checks in place so ask if all their ducks are in a row before you hire them.

Honeymoon Insurance

I’ve recently been unnecessarily spending out on travel insurance for trips away, only for hubby to tell me we have a far better travel insurance policy already in place with our bank! I called them, made a few tweaks to our policy and for a small price upgrade we’re now covered worldwide rather than just in Europe. It’s worth checking with your bank for all those little extras they offered you, which you’ve since forgotten about, and check any policy you do have is adequate for your trip and destination.

Going on a cruise? – not all travel insurance covers cruising as standard so if you’re setting sail double check your policy and upgrade it to make sure you’re covered.

Please note: I am not insurance expert and your personal circumstances are unique to you so please check with a professional to ensure you take out the correct insurance for your needs.

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