Place Cards or Palm Trees

Wedding Place Cards

Personally the idea of creating 100+ place cards fills me with dread! I know you crafty types probably love the idea of going crazy with pretty paper and unusual letter stamps but for the rest of us it’s ‘err thanks but no thanks!’

So for those of you whom, like myself, would rather cut your guest list than cut paper (attention span of a gnat, me), you need the gorgeous Amelia Freestone at Millie Stone UK Calligraphy as your new bestie!!!

Professional Calligrapher

Amelia will take this horrendous job off your hands and create absolutely beautiful place cards your guests will smuggle out for a keepsake. Amelia has an Etsy shop or you can give her a tinkle and chat through your options – either way, you could be sipping a rhubarb gin and planning your honeymoon instead of practising your best hand writing!

I know which I’d rather be doing!

Chin chin  x

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