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Lorna & James’ Real Wedding | Chris Snowden Photo

Chris Snowden is now coming to what he would call his ‘quiet period’ before the festive wedding seasons starts in early December. So we thought we’d catch up with him and take a look at what he’s been up to.

This quiet period is now the time to do all the jobs that haven’t been done yet, and only a couple of weeks to do so (making it not so quiet). This includes writing blogs from weddings back in the spring.

That’s where we’re going today – back to the wonderfully beautiful spring! Chris is going to tell us about a wedding at his favourite time of year (apart from Autumn of course) at Thrumpton Hall for Lorna & James’ day.

I’m off to the stunningly gorgeous Thrumpton Hall for Lorna & James’ wedding. Thrumpton Hall is a beautiful 17th century Hall with exquisite gardens set in 300 acres of parkland. If you’re feeling adventurous you can leave the venue gardens and go for a walk in the surrounding fields which offer some great shooting locations! I’ll tell you about our adventure later, so keep reading.

The weather is set for showers on and off throughout the day so I ensure the wet weather gear is packed and that the bride and groom are briefed that I may need to grab them at every opportunity between showers.

Luckily the rain holds off until a while after the stunning ceremony so we grab the opportunity and head out for some gorgeous couple shots.

Lorna & James then join their wedding guests out in the garden for Ice cream and drinks. Whilst everyone is mingling and drinking I notice what can only be described as the darkest rain cloud I’ve ever seen heading towards the wedding party. I’d chosen an outside location for the family group shots and really wanted to use it. I’m guessing we had about 5-10 minutes to get them all done before the apocalyptic black mass unloaded a torrent of rain. So with the help of the groom and the ushers we herded all the guests over to the location and shot what is now the fastest family group session I’ve ever done!

I counted 12 different groups in about 4 minutes. The ever darkening skies helped all the guests come together to get the shots done and a big thanks to all of them for working together and not faffing around like most wedding guest parties! Three seconds after the final group shot was taken the doomsday cloud came down all over Thrumpton Hall. I am happy to report everyone escaped unharmed and were frizz free.

After the wedding breakfast and speeches it was time to shoot a few evening photos. I’d scouted out a field behind the venue to shoot some sunset shots and took Lorna & James along the path leading out to the field. I opened the gate and we’d walked a few hundred yards into the field and at once realised we’d attracted the unwanted attention of a few dozen cows who were headed straight for us. I realised I’d left the gate open and the thought of a few dozen cows wandering around the venue might not go down too well.  After a brief sprint we managed to beat the cows back to the gate and shut it before a stampede of hoofs ensued about the venue. I’m now what you would call ‘cattle aware’ when it comes to scouting out fields!

After our brief and what could have been dangerous photo shoot with the local herd we managed to find a great lakeside spot as the sun went down and closed out a gloriously beautiful wedding at Thrumpton Hall.

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