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Where to start

You’re engaged – what next?

If you’ve recently got engaged you probably don’t yet know the kind of wedding you want to plan. I’m guessing though, you want a wedding day that’s unique to the both of you – a special day with family and friends, a day that embraces your likes and quirks, personal preferences, ideal budget and dream location. The most important advice I can give you is take things slowly. Enjoy the early days of your engagement and be in the moment. It’s such a beautiful time of expectation and excitement. Gift yourself time and space to enjoy it without the stresses and strains of wedding planning.

When eventually your thoughts turn towards the big day itself it’s important to remember this is your day.  Never think you have to compete with anyone else’s wedding or the beautiful things you see on Instagram. Take everything you see as simple inspiration and start to identify what you like and ditch the things you don’t. Use Pinterest to create boards and keep your ideas on point. It’s a great way to stop things getting cluttered.

Rose gold lantern for the aisle by Modern Heritage Styling in Lincolnshire

Avoid the self-proclaimed wedding expert

Prepare yourself for the self-proclaimed wedding expert who will appear in your life. This will happen around the time you tell them you’re engaged. If you’re really unlucky you might even find yourself with more than one! You’ll hear ‘what you should do is….’ over and over and over again from people who planned their own wedding and now have all the answers. Just remember, what they chose may not be your choice. What worked for them, may not be your dream. Have the confidence to go your own way. Don’t be afraid to tell them you might be going in a different direction. Your engagement is not an open invitation for them to plan their own wedding over again! And don’t be rushed. Take your time. Make wise choices and sensible decisions when you’re ready. Be strict with yourself if need be, but allow yourself some purges too, if the budget allows! Most of all, enjoy this time of engagement and the journey to ‘I do’ that lies ahead!

Where to begin planning your wedding

Start your wedding planning journey by clearing the slate of ideas and inspiration. You’ll probably rush out and buy every wedding magazine available and overwhelm yourself with all the possibilities but there’s no harm in enjoying the ride.

Don’t make any decisions on ANYTHING before you know your budget.

This is so important. This is the time to put your sensible hat on. How much money do you have to spend? How much money do you WANT to spend? The reason I say don’t rush into things is because simply asking four friends to be your bridesmaids, before you know your budget, could mean you’ve blown over a grand before you’ve even begun! It pays to take your time. Don’t commit to anything before you have to. No matter when you want to tie the knot, the first few days of taking it slow will benefit you in the long run. Budget management is incredibly important to ensure you can hopefully have the wedding you want.

Your Wedding Must-Have List

You’ll each have ideas for the big day – hopefully agreeing on some! It’s important to discuss your must have’s with each other. Marriage is all about compromise so it’s a good place to start!

Each of you privately write a list of your top 5 priorities – your ‘must haves’ for the big day. When you’ve finished, compare notes. Who wants what? Create a third list together, first adding the priorities that match (hopefully there’ll be some!).  If you don’t agree on anything sit down and talk things through. If you’ve decided on your budget you’ll know whether any of the must-haves are doable. It helps to create a ‘wish list’ too so that someone’s ideas aren’t struck off completely.

Top Tip – start with your guest list. Who do you want to invite… or not! Knowing your guest numbers is integral to your budget and will be invaluable when you start looking for your venue. Your venue in turn will play an important role in the look and feel of your wedding.

EJ x


Styling: Modern Heritage Styling
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