My favourite images from Oehlers Photography

My Favourite Images From Oehlers Photography

It’s a very special birthday week next week for photographer Cathy Higgins from Oehlers Photography and I thought, what better time to share with you some of my very favourite images from her portfolio.

Based in Nottingham, but in demand by brides and grooms across the UK, Cathy creates a a vibrant, eclectic mix of imagery which is essential for great wedding photographs. A wedding day is made up of so many moments and moods and Cathy is one of those highly experienced photographers who is comfortable morphing herself into the moment and capturing those special events as they unfold. Blending ethereal portraits, artistic styling and candid ‘real’ moments, Cathy frames each scene from your wedding story with texture and movement. Her artistic eye spots moments of opportunity, perhaps when the light is just right or the scenery demands to be featured in a dramatic pose. Working as a two camera team with her husband Brian, {whom I am really informed is the master of veil ‘swooshing’ – see image below!} together they work their magic to create so much more than ‘just a wedding photo’.

But it is often the unexpected that creates the best images; those moments no-one is prepared for, that just ‘happen’ in a split-second, and it is then you’ll want a photographer who anticipates and responds with lightning quick speed to capture the moment. Cathy steals those moments of laughter and tears, tenderness and fun and creates a storybook of real emotions from your day.

I’ve been proud to share Cathy’s images for over three years now since we first met back in 2015. If you’d like to see more of her work or check dates, you can contact Cathy via her Wedding Collective page or call her on 0115 9736598. 

Happy birthday Cathy! We hope you have a wonderful day x


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