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Top Table Dreams

Top Table Dreams

Top Table Dreams & Schemes

What happens on the top table, stays on the top table! Well that’s our motto anyway! We’ll let you in on a little secret. You’re allowed to go a little crazy on the top table and hold back on your guest tables if you want to. There is no law that says you must have the same floral arrangements for every table for instance. Spend a little extra on making your own table perfect and cut back on guest tables if you need to. Your guests won’t mind – and to be honest, probably won’t even notice! They’re more interested in what you’re going to feed them the the colour of the napkins!

If you want Champagne but prefer to serve your guests Prosecco – we won’t tell!

Go all out for those beautiful chair embellishments you saw on Instagram but just have enough for the top table and choose a simpler (and yes we mean cheaper) look for your guest chairs. A good quality white chair cover and white sash (please note we said good quality so do shop around) can look just as classy as you need it to. Simple ivory ribbon or fabric weaved through a chiavari chair looks stunning. Speak to a quality experienced stylist who will help you (see our online directory for a great selection of our faves).

Treat your top table separately if you’re on a budget – or even if you’re not! Your top table should really stand out from the rest after all.

REMEMBER – it’s the people in the room that are the most important element of your day. Don’t feel stressed or pressurised to spend more than you feel comfortable spending. No one is judging you on the styling. They already love you or they wouldn’t be there in the first place!


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