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Buttonhole Tutorial With Mrs Umbels

Buttonhole Tutorial with Mrs Umbels

With home being a shed and a flower patch in Nottinghamshire, one of our very favourite wedding florists, Mrs Umbels a.k.a. Sarah Pike, teaches you how to make the perfect winter buttonhole.

Mrs Umbels Winter Buttonhole Tutorial 1

1. Collect your ingredients…recipe for this buttonhole…1 Brunia Berry, 1 small cone, 1 sprig of Euphorbia, 1 dried orange slice, 2 sprigs of eucalyptus, 2 spruce sprigs, 2 pheasant feathers

Mrs Umbels Winter Buttonhole Tutorial 2

2. Prepare your ingredients…individually wire each item, securing with tape.

Mrs Umbels Winter Buttonhole Tutorial 3

3. Start arranging the ingredients starting with the spruce and the feathers. Secure each ingredient with green tape.

Mrs Umbels Winter Buttonhole Tutorial 4

4. Once the ingredients are all arranged, bend the wires up around the fastening point and secure.

Mrs Umbels Winter Buttonhole

5. Cut the stems straight and tie stems with your choice of ribbon, string or raffia, secure with a neat knot or bow….and enjoy!

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