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Budget Advice

#BWMadvice No.3 – Your Guest Budget

When you’re at the very beginning of your wedding planning journey you need to agree between you the list of people you want at your wedding. Calculating the number of people is one way to start working out your budget and the amount you’ll have to spend overall. 

Compile a rough list as follows:-

A-list: MUST HAVE family & close friends who you want both at your service and your reception (Remember to add the +1 if you know their spouse/partner.)

B-list: those people who you would ‘wish list’ to be at the service and reception if money allows 

C-list: reserved for evening reception guests only. 

Once you have your list count up the numbers per list, A,B & C and as a whole. 
Remember the number of people at your wedding reception not only affects the cost of food and wine. Consider also: – the price for invitations (just a few or hundreds!)
– arrival drinks
– evening refreshments
– number of wedding favours
– chair covers
– number of centrepieces (most tables seat 8-10 people so divide your list to estimate the number of tables you’ll roughly need)

An extra table of just ten people can add a significant amount to the cost of your reception. 
REMEMBER each guest you invite affects your budget in the long run so select your guest list wisely. If you’re on a budget invite less to the main reception and more to the evening reception. The cost per head is (usually) less per head for evening guests than day guests.

DON’T FORGET – Ask venues for their minimum number for day guests and their maximum number for evening guests and check this number works for your list. 

Congratulations if you’re starting 2018 with a sparkler on your finger. We’ve got an exciting year ahead packed with wedding planning tips and inspiration. Followtag and don’t miss a thing! #BWMadvice

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