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Waterfall Inspired Archway Of Flowers For Laura & Michael By Bradgate Flowers

Waterfall Inspired Archway of Flowers for Laura & Michael by Bradgate Flowers

Bradgate Flowers of Leicestershire have been creating tranquility for a Stapleford Park wedding

I met Laura and Michael back in 2016, such a lovely couple with a very different outlook on the theme for their wedding day of June 2017 at Stapleford Park, Leicestershire! My brief was in Laura’s words, “natural, lots and lots of greenery, with white flowers and lots of scent, must have scent!” But Laura’s biggest ask was…

“A waterfall inspired archway”

The arch was to be covered from top to bottom in soft Italian ruscus, scented white stocks, and placed between two large pillars in the Orangery. This was going to be the main feature of the day, where the couple would take their vows,  be followed out by their guests through the arch and onto the beautiful manicured gardens of Stapleford Park where they would be showered with real white rose petal confetti.

Wanting to give Laura the ultimate archway to celebrate their marriage meant a lot of lost sleep the night before!  You would think after more than 30 years of being a florist I would get used to the pro’s and con’s – the truth is you never get used to them!  With Friday already a scorcher and Saturday’s forecast set to be a fabulous 29c, (you can’t ask more from the weather for your wedding day!) panic started to set in and “what if…..” were the only words I kept hearing myself say! But I have worked with stocks thousands of times – why am I worrying?  Maybe it’s because I’m to create this beautiful statement feature, the feature that the bride wanted most on her florals list, even above the bouquet she was to hold. The feature that will stand right there in front of all those guests possibly melting in the heat, trying to survive and last the entire day in the unforgiving heat. The worry of the Orangery with its glass roof and an outside temperature set to be min 29c. I was awake all night – this was a florists nightmare!

On arrival Saturday morning, it was already 19.5 at 7.30 am.  I walked through the Main Hall into the Orangery and a weight was instantly lifted. The room was air conditioned! My face beamed, I was so happy and couldn’t help but say to myself “what was all the worry for, everything is going to be just fine!” and it was. With my face beaming I set to work, using layers and layers of soft Italian ruscus to create the main structure, then individually wiring and hanging 200 stems of white scented stocks to create the waterfall illusion and here it is – my waterfall inspired arch in all it’s glory having survived the day, bringing Laura and Michael’s floral dreams to reality.

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