How To Book

  1. First things first – New to Buckinghams? Please submit our Supplier Form
  2. Ready to book? –  Complete the relevant booking form (see links below)
  3. You will receive an automated email if we have received your form safely
  4. If you do not receive an automated email it means something has gone wrong and we have not received your form
  5. Completion of a form does not guarantee a space at your chosen event
  6. Once we receive your form we will check availability for your category and confirm whether we have stands availabile
  7. Once we have confirmed availability we will create your invoice
  8. You can choose to pay by BACS, Direct Debit, Credit Card or PayPal
  9. Until your £100 deposit has been received the space is still on sale
Prestwold Hall AW17 Wedding Fair

Belvoir Castle 2017


Spring 2018


Size of Space

Venues differ in size and layout so each venue determines its own space restrictions however as a general rule of thumb stands are as follows:

  • Standard Space = 6 foot trestle or 5 foot round table
  • Double Space = 12 foot wide space
  • Outside Space = exterior space for wedding cars, food trucks etc
  • Belvoir Castle – due to the size and number of rooms at Belvoir Castle we have a range of stands available from Artisan to Premium. Please call us if you would like to discuss locations.
Prestwold Hall AW17 Wedding Fair

Stand Prices

To ensure fairness for all exhibitors we operate a fixed price policy which means our team are not open to ‘bartering’. We do however offer discounts for selected exhibitors as follows: –

  • Premium Subscribers receive a 10% discount on wedding fairs
  • Artisan Stands – We offer a very restricted number of discounted smaller stands for teeny price point businesses. Call 01530 242860 to check eligibility.
The Walled Garden Wedding Fair 2017
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