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Do you ever look at your website and think ‘I hate it – it doesn’t reflect the quality of what I do’? If you answered ‘yes’ then rest assured you are not alone but if your website is sending out the wrong vibe to you then it’s definitely sending out the wrong vibe to potential customers which means loss of potential revenue and delaying future business growth within your target market. Choosing the right font, colours and language speaks volumes to potential customers; a subliminal message about the quality of your product, your price point and the service you’re likely to offer them. If your current enquiries are always for ‘cheap’ it’s probably because your brand is telling customers that’s exactly what you are! 

Step One: Resist the temptation to rush out and pay for a new website because it won’t make a jot of difference if you haven’t yet defined your brand which, amongst many other things, is defined by your business colours, fonts, logo, choice of imagery and even the words you choose to describe yourself.  

Step Two: Be honest and ask yourself this question: Do you possess the essential design skills, experience and know-how to produce high-end visuals for your business? If you believe couples should hire professionals for their wedding then it’s time you accepted how essential it is to hire professionals to develop your brand.

Our Branding & Logo Design Service starts from an affordable £399 and we guarantee you’ll love the new you!

Buckinghams are dedicated to quality and presentation. Come and talk to us about your business. We have over 20 years experience in design so pairing your talent with ours means together we can take your business to the next level.

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Logo Design For Julia Dilworth Florals


“…..Absolutely worth every penny.” – The Abigail Bloom Cake Company, London

“…… The epitome of excellent service is demonstrated by this thoughtfulness. I recommend them unreservedly.” – Charles Meynell, Breedon Hall

“….I was delighted with the refreshing and accurate information they produced.” – Lindsey Hunter, Get Knotted Weddings

“Thank you for all your hard work redeveloping my brand for me……I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone and will continue to do so at every opportunity.” – Tony Hookings

Social Media Library - £69

Contact us to create your bespoke social media library – a selection of perfectly sized visuals for your social media pages invluding avatars and banners.

Facebook Banner
Twitter Banner
Correctly sized avatars for use on your website and social media

Our Credentials

 Fully qualified and highly experienced Graphic Designers with over 20 years experience we’ve designed for big names such as Marks & Spencer, Jeff Banks and River Island. Our work is of the highest standard and we are passionate about customer service.  We also offer these additional services for your business:

Graphic Design
Copywriting & Proof Reading
Business Cards, Brochures & Flyers
Banners & Exhibition Signage

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