Paul Massey Photography

The Defining Moment

by Massey Photography

The art and the beauty of photography, and surely the aim of every photographer, is to perfectly capture and freeze a moment in time. This moment is very often fleeting and may not even be possible to experience with the naked eye. Bresson, one of the 20th Century greatest photographers, called this the “defining moment”, a moment that is captured and composed beautifully and exposed perfectly. Weddings, by their very nature, have many “defining moments”. I make it my aim at every wedding I shoot to capture these moments so that my bride and groom will have many memories to look back on and remember their day by.

Many of these moments will not even have been seen by themselves, or even if they have will have occurred so quickly that they may not have registered it. I have captured some incredible moments at weddings over the past few years and if I had not been there to capture them in my own unique style they would have been lost forever. I like to think that the quality of my work and my ability to consistently capture these moments helps to keep the magic of a wedding day alive for my clients to relive over the years.

There are a number of images that I particularly love that really show my ability to capture and compose these images, such as a groom wiping away a tear from his bride during the ceremony, dad’s first look at his daughter in her wedding dress, bridesmaid reactions at seeing a bride in her dress, young girl looking on with joy during the first dance, a mum crying during speeches and a flower girl yawning during ceremony. These are just a few of amongst hundreds that I could have chosen.

These images show the power of good quality photography and how essential it is, if you value outstanding photography at your wedding how important it is to have a great professional at your wedding, these images cannot be produced without professional knowledge and expertise.

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