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RUNWAY | Jenny Packham 2018 Bridal Collection

“…. a collection inspired by a circus belle.”

I’d be lying if I said my heart doesn’t do a little skippy dance every time I’m about to publish the latest bridal collection from Jenny Packham but I damn near had a heart attack when I saw the jaw-dropping ‘Clara’ pop up in my email. I WANT THIS DRESS and I’m so happy to see a redhead model it because redders like me are always being told we can’t wear red when we so flipping can. Just check out those ruby red sequins and to-die-for feathers. If you’re bold enough to own the aisle and strut towards ‘I do’ or you’re looking for a rocking dress to nail your first dance you will definitely, beyond all reasonable doubt, have guests falling to their knees for mercy with this little number.

But the heart palpitations don’t stop there. Demure or sheer, boho maiden or city chick the collection is heavy on embellishment in the classic Packham style and there’s a look to suit every mood swing including trousers and ‘do it your way’ separates for brides who want to mix and match to their own beat.

Inspiration for the collection came from the novel ‘The Falling’ which tells the story of journalist Mark Swabey’s fatal attraction to circus acrobat Clara the Swallow.

“The character of Clara; her exotic beauty, her courage and her love of freedom, inspired this season’s collection. Paying homage to an otherworldly romance, celestial trailing chiffon, flock tulle ruffles, bonded floral lace and oversized satin bows are juxtaposed with tailored cropped jackets, embellished bodies and sculptured corsetry. Majestic ostrich feathers, voluminous ballerina skirts and high octane scarlet hues add theatrical drama to a collection inspired by a circus belle.”

Jenny Packham’s 2018 Bridal Collection is truly heart stopping and I challenge you not to find a dress to fall in love with.

EJ x

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